Today I enjoyed so much completing the second pot of the set. Getting to the top and just having to put “the collar” on is so exciting! Because it’s this last piece that completes the pot – can make or break it aesthetically.

Take a look, I started here this morning. Just two coils at a time. Carefully joined together while shaping the piece.

Nearly there! Most importantly is to notice that the inside must be as neat as the outside! Also, notice the coarse grog in the clay (that I referred to in my previous blog). I’m so proud! Here the twins are together:

They are definitely very feminine shapes. Makes me think of them as the twin on the left is slim and elegant…. While the twin on the right is also elegant and quiet. Very quiet. She doesn’t say much…just wiggles her tail… ?

**Notice the drummer on the wall hanger in the background. A reminder that the creative beat to their own drum!

Tomorrow I start decorating! I can’t wait.

I need to name them. Any ideas what their names could be?  (To give you an idea of their size they are 63cm x 45cm.)