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I am Tina Koyounoglou. I love making ‘statement’ pieces using the coiling method. My favorite shapes are feminine and generous, and symbolize nurturing and generosity. I am mainly inspired by the ancient Greek style pottery. Particularly the amphorae shapes.

I believe that everybody is creative. I teach pottery classes in Claremont, Cape Town, where anyone can discover their creative side! I want to share with you what makes working with clay so special for me and I hope it will inspire you to try too! During my classes, I will show you what I am working on and guide you through your own projects.

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I couldn’t find…

The other night I couldn’t find a good book to read! So…. instead …. I keep some clay at home for these sort of occasions! I used white stoneware clay and started building one of my favorite shapes with coils, on my dining room table! I used the bottom of a Tupperware...

Clay dress

I made this vase with black clay using the coiling method by joining and shaping just two coils at a time. The only glaze I applied is a Matt Transparent Glaze, in order to make the vase waterproof. The clay’s natural color (when fired) reflects the light and...

One of my favourite glazes

I enjoyed making this coil pot but wasn’t sure how to decorate/glaze it. As you can see I chose this “black” glaze which has a metallic shimmer. Never forget that some glazes have the tendency to run!  So make sure to leave a generous unglazed border around the bottom...

If you would like to get in touch with me, please contact me via email. My email address is tina@creativeclay.co.za. Alternatively, you can complete the form below and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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